Don’t Stray Too Far from the Middle Path

Can any of you describe your experience with straying from the middle path? Generally it can be conceptualized as the manner of living in Buddhism, however there are many variations of it so you never have to get bored. Nor is there any real reason to feel anxiety is you become too engrossed in any other paths (Right or Left hand paths). Aleister Crowley recommended to not stray too far from the middle path.

Once it is recognized that you are not localized in the brain perhaps it is more likely that you will begin on the Right hand path. Can anyone chime in on this? Triviality aside, anyone want to shout-out on this subject matter?

It’s my understanding that the left hand path is more monastic. I’ve googled it before. Lately though my attention/concentration has been piss-poor. I’ve definitely had some dealings with the left hand path but mostly it has resulted in ecstasies that leave me yearning for a master- someone with spiritual weight behind them.

“I” am not localized in my brain anymore than “I” control the stock market. There are beings beyond human beings and more beings beyond non-human beings. I just wish that in some way I could take on all of this while remaining up instead of constantly taking it while laying down.

Perhaps you can comment here and begin to perform some abstraction about your current station in life. Please no meta-concepts or new programming because there is enough of your holy holes and LSD revelations in me already that I don’t need to keep harking back all the time to things already grasped. The way it seems is that if you can’t reach the same conclusions without LSD then it is useless to everyone else who isn’t taking the substance. Yeah, there are plenty of ways to take LSD and some are more effective ways than others in terms of delivering the molecule. Repeated use only makes the holy holes wider.

I’m just interested in my families take on the different paths. Are they merely abstractions already? I don’t think that there is a hell for people who have poor thoughts, only actions. This could be my own attempt at either: a. showing you the light, b. exposing the shadow.

“Concerning the Use of Chymical Agents, and be mindful that thou abuse them not, learn that the Sacrament itself relateth to Spirit, and the Four Elements balanced thereunder, in its Perfection.” -Aleister Crowley, The Book of Wisdom or Folly